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Emily is a truly skilled massage therapist and wonderful healer! Along with giving excellent massages, she has also helped me work towards improving my posture, and actively helped me heal from old injuries! She also provides me with suggestions for things I can do at home to continue the work on my own. She approaches me with a client-centered and trauma-informed approach, and meets me where I'm at, with compassion and without judgement. She can provide intense deep tissue massage or gently guide the way towards healing, depending on where I'm at that day. I've seen many massage therapists, and she is so much better than them all! I'm a trans person, and have found that Emily is experienced and affirming, which is a rare find. I feel like a new person, and more grounded after I see her. She is a true gem! Give her a try!

Levi Solimine, Brooklyn NY

working together

Wellness and Healthcare at body brain balance.
Therapeutic Bodywork is a gift to your mind, body, and spirit. 
Connecting the physical, mental, and energetic, helps us to heal from, and prevent injury, strengthen muscles, gain flexibility, and bring breath and vitality into our lives. With consistent care our body, mind, and spirit will each understand they are being tended to, and they don’t have to do everything on their own. I invite you to  become familiar with how to maintain an open, centered, grounded and lengthened way of living.  
Join me and we’ll create a daily routine that best serves you, and meets your needs and desires. We’ll create a self care plan that encompasses NeuroScultping®, Yoga, Brain gym, strengthening stretching and slackening exercises, mindful movement, and therapeutic bodywork.
working together

are we a good fit?

Body Brain Balance is not geared towards one type of client. Rather, I work with each individual to see what the experience of  NeuroScultping®, guided breath, supported movement, and intentional positioning might create. My clients include people of all ages and abilities, from infants to the elderly, including people who experience high stress in their lives, or who struggle with mental health. I work with athletes, pregnant women, performers, health practitioners, artists, people recovering from injuries or surgeries, people with limited mobility, cancer patients, trauma survivors, people in hospice, people with unique individual conditions, and anyone looking to regulate their nervous system.

I believe Massage Therapy, Positional Therapy, Reiki, Pranayama Breathing, Yoga, Energy Work, Personal Training, and NeuroScultping® are unique ways to give the mind, body, and spirit room for movement and for strengthening our alignment. They invite room for breath and awakening, growth and releasing, room to regulate the nervous system and access joy. If this sounds like something you would like to explore, I’d be excited to work with you. 

what to expect

our first session

Assessment through Bodywork
In our first session, I listen to you, so I can understand your needs and desires. Through therapeutic bodywork we will evaluate your skeletal system and alignment, to understand the areas that need to be strengthened, stretched, and slackened.  All of this is done by working with and listening to your body.

Assessment through NeuroSculpting®
In our first session together we'll discuss and assess your needs and desires. NeuroSculpting® is a full brain approach combining brain science, meditation, and mindfulness.

“Life Powered By Intention. NeuroSculpting® is a 5-step meditation process that can strategically help an individual release the grip of old patterns and entrain their brain to create new and more supportive patterns, habits and behaviors.”

NeuroSculpting® uses self-directed neuroplasticity to support repatterning. Train your brain with the 5-step NeuroSculpting® process:
Step One: Down-regulates hyperactive stress activity and engages with the parasympathetic response.
Step Two: Enhances focused attention to support emotional regulation.
Step Three: Increases the activity between our analytical self and our intuitive feeling self.
Step Four: Links somatosensory, bodily sensation-based engagement, to perceptual shifts in patterns.
Step Five: Enables the participant to easily identify and replicate the process in day-to-day activities.”
The first thing we’ll do together is discuss and assess your needs. Then we’ll create a meditation that is specific to you, and your story. There is no wrong way to be in this practice. I will offer suggestions; you can take them, or adapt them to whatever works for you. It takes repetition to create a new  story which can compete with the ones we’ve invested in over the years. This is why NeuroSculpting® is not built around having a certain amount of time to set aside for quiet meditation. It’s designed to be a tool you can access at any time, in any place, throughout your day. By the end of our session you’ll have created access points that enable you to reference the meditation in your everyday life.  
NeuroSculpting® is designed for you to take with you and incorporate into your daily practice.
Length of Sessions
Our sessions can range from 60-120 minutes, with the biggest benefit, coming out of longer sessions, as they allow us to address both acute and chronic issues like injuries, as well as allowing more time for the "yummy" part of relaxing massage. No matter the length of time available, we will make the most of it, to provide the best benefit to you.  

Similar for NeuroSculpting® sessions:
If we have a longer session we can utilize a couple of different meditations, and incorporate tools such as vagal toning, and shaking. We will make positive use out of whatever time we have!
HomePlay Homework
After a session I will  give you alternative ways to accomplish daily tasks to help maintain alignment, groundedness and openness, as well as ways to create and sharpen neural pathways. The more you do the homework/homeplay the easier it will be to maintain the alignment, repatterning, and strengthening of the neural pathways. There will be more access for breath, and the next session will be easier too. I find that having accountability helps motivate me and I want to offer that to you. You have the option to email me once a week to share your progress with me. Whether you did everything with enthusiasm or you barely slogged through one step, there is no judgment; I always respond with a smiley face.  

If it is an option for you, we will set up a sustainable recurring schedule. 
Ongoing Sessions

ongoing sessions

Regular Therapeutic Bodywork, Yoga, Brain Gym, Mindful Movement,  and NeuroSculpting®
Maintaining regular movement of the body and brain is a gift that allows you to push passed maintenance, into intentional self care. Doing something consistently enables deeper care each time, as our body and brain become entrained in how to stay open, grounded, centered and lengthened. I will teach you how to take old fears and look at them in new ways, remap old stories and create new ones, and maintain new neural pathways, in order to address physical, mental, and emotional ailments. 

Consistent Sessions
Consistency is important. Whether it's weekly, biweekly, or monthly, your body will know that it’s being tended to, and it doesn’t have to do everything alone. This kind of maintenance also strengthens your brain, immune system and helps prevent injuries.
If you’re able to do weekly sessions, we can go deeper, and the work will open you up in ways you may not have experienced before. 

Intermittent Sessions
A session here and there is amazing. Any body and brain work is important. Once in a blue moon as a gift, or once in six months, if that  is financially accessible to you, is great too. The more health care the better, but if we can only do it once, or a few times, we can take those sessions and make them count, by giving you tools to use on a daily basis to keep the work fresh and available.

A Sustainable Schedule
Body Brain Balance aims to serve your needs. I will work with you to create a sustainable schedule. 
lgbtq community yoga neurosculpting® classes
Yoga is for everyBODY.
Often it seems there isn’t as much representation of all shapes, sizes, genders, sexualities, ages and abilities as one might hope when they go to practice in a group.

The idea of this class is to remove the hesitation from joining a class due to not “fitting the yoga mold.” At Body Brain Balance we welcome you; we CELEBRATE the different bodies we’re in, the different shapes, sizes, and different levels of experience. This class is geared to YOU! This class is catered for LGBTQ family and allies reflecting each other and holding each other up in a safe comfortable space. You’ll find a safe collective of support and engagement to meet your own personal best, and to find your edge, while working with your unique and beautiful body. 

Body Brain Balance is a Body Positive Space!

Body Positive Mindful Movement, Yoga, NeuroSculpting®
Sometimes people worry about not fitting in to a yoga class, they think they have to have a certain body type, or be in a particular kind of shape. I want to emphasize that this space is for YOU! 
Body Brain Balance Studio embraces everyone, people of all sizes and body types, all races, colors, religions, genders, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, national origins, genetics, abilities, and veteran status. 

I specialize in Mindful Movement to meet your needs, whether you’ve never done yoga, or you do it all the time. If you’re looking for a body positive non-traditional outlook Body Brain Balance is for you. No BODY is the same! I celebrate that, and want to help you move your body in ways that will help you be your fullest most aligned self.
Wherever you are now is the perfect place to be. Welcome!
testimonials from people I work with

Email with your testimonial and we will post your experience. You may also submit a review to my page on! Thank you!

My mother was really happy with the massage you gave her on Wednesday. She had two massages with someone else while you were away. Although this other person came highly recommended, my mother said there was no comparison - you are the best. For the whole day, she had absolutely no pain anywhere in her body, which is unusual for her, and she was in the best shape imaginable for her long trip back to Europe.

After first hearing of Emily Huber through a LAVA fundraiser last year, I taken both my teenage daughter and my elderly mother to her for massage therapy. We have been really happy. My mother suffers from ostheoporosis and has long-standing serious issues with alignment but after a session from Emily she was able to walk upright with no pain. Since then, whenever she visits from Europe, a massage from Emily is very high on her list. My mother has seen other massage therapists, but says there is no comparison. My teenage daughter had a knee injury and problems from tension, and also came home feeling very calm, re-aligned and pain-free.

Francesca Zaccheo, Brooklyn NY

Emily is wonderful. I was moving through my day a little too fast. I fell down and injured my shoulder. Emily saw me right away and helped restore movement and balance throughout my body. She Rocks!

Toshi Reagon, Singer/Songwriter/Musician, Brooklyn NY

"Emily, I feel so lucky to be getting massages from you! Your touch is so precise and confident, yet gentle and intuitive. You are so gifted. xo Sarah" 

Sarah Hirshan, Pilates Instructor, LAVA Company Member, Brooklyn NY

Ok, I just came back from the most unbelievable massage. I mean I left floating if not a little high. The best. She found the source of my back woes in my toes. If you need someone to lay their hands on you and make right what aint. Check Emily Huber out. Here is her email: I sware by her!
Hanifah Walidah, Singer/Songwriter/Musician, Brooklyn NY

Hanifah Walidah, Singer/Songwriter/Musician, Brooklyn NY

Really thank you for our session yesterday. When I left your house, I was so grounded + light in my body and was moving as slow as the earth and that felt amazing. I don't know if you knew how much you were taking on when I first walked into your space -- but you are a great healer and i'm glad and stunned that it has been so possible for me to open up the way I need and want to. My chest is still open... So thank you." 

Kara Lynch, Brooklyn NY

​Emily is amazing, she really does "see through her hands", it's almost as if you don't have to tell her where you sore spots are! If you ever need a massage, I HIGHLY recommend her!

Darlinda Just Darlinda, Performance Art / Burlesque / Actor / Model / The Schelp Sisters / Fou York, Brooklyn NY 

​I heart Emily! After suffering from a painful kink in my neck for over a year I finally decided I needed to get it (among other intermittent back issues) taken care of and took the recommendation of a friend to call Emily. I figured that it would take at least a few sessions to work the kink out, however a couple of days after the very first massage, it was gone! It was like a gift to be able to turn my neck in all directions without pain for the first time in so long. So I am of course grateful to her for that. But in addition to that and through more sessions, I've also come to appreciate massage not only as a treat (which indeed it is!), but also as both a preventative and restorative means to better physical and mental health. And I think of Emily in particular, as a kind of healer, who becomes familiar with my body and its individual tendencies and administers the appropriate remedy. I find it refreshing and reassuring to know that there is someone as caring and dedicated to her craft as Emily on my side.

Phoebe Summersquash, Queens NY

Not only did Emily's clear instructions for a few slackening positions help me find immediate relief when I was in acute pain from a pinched sciatica, but her continued knowledge and insight are helping me to find a new balance and ease in my body that I have long sought.

She is clearly a gifted healer who is trained in a variety of traditions and techniques. Her generosity with information and ideas as well as her supportive and positive nature inspires me to find my ideal path to well-being.

Julie Strong, Manhattan NY

​I went to Emily at the urging of a good friend. I waited and waited and waited until I was in enough pain to call her in, what felt like, an emergency. I'm so sorry I waited so long-- it feels like I've found a secret, buried treasure right in the middle of Brooklyn. Emily absolutely, without question has a very special gift-- and truthfully it feels more like a magical power.

Rachel Friedman, Life Coach, Brooklyn NY

I started my yoga practice with Emily at Seeing Through the Hands to help me get fit after my first pregnancy because nothing else I had tried worked. Not only is it a relaxing, and peaceful time, but I haven't felt better in years. I've also been able to continue yoga through my 2nd pregnancy, and it's made all the difference. I feel better and more energized than my first. Emily's thoughtfulness and professionalism have been awesome, and she is totally tuned in to my needs, customizing my practice to my pregnancy. And, Emily's prenatal massages are the best in the world! She is very considerate and thorough. With all the aches and pains that come with pregnancy, Emily's massages are the cure!  Seeing Through the Hands rocks and I highly recommend Emily! 

Jen Watts, Brooklyn NY

As a musician, I was SO grateful to get to work with Emily. She listens carefully and is incredibly skilled at what she does, coming up with a personalized strategy for addressing your issues. She helped me figure out a number of a problems I was having and how to better address them, particularly before performances. I can't wait to go back!

Louisa Rachel Solomon, The Shondes, Brooklyn NY


Can I tell you how fabulous my body has felt this week?! You are seriously magical. I felt a difference in my body as soon as I was walking to the train from you, but I didn't think it would last this long! And I've been dancing a lot this week, so it's incredible that I've barely had any pain in my left hamstring/quad at all! I seriously can't get over it. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I've been telling all of my dancer friends about you and positional therapy, so hopefully there will be some more dancers headed your way. One of my teachers asked if I could give her your card... And I expect I will be coming to see you again fairly soon - my body loves it!! I should also tell you that this weekend in dance class I was able to do the splits on my injured leg, without any pain, for the first time in, literally, months. Amazing! Can't thank you enough. "

Karly Powell, Dancer, Brooklyn NY

Emily is amazing! Not only does she give a great massage, but she also does positional therapy, which is incredible! Her work is focused and she brings lots light to her work.

I don't usually fall asleep during massages, but Emily put me totally at ease while still working out all the kinks. It's an all around beautiful experience.

Shelley Nicole Jefferson, BlakBushe, Singer/Songwriter/Musician, Brooklyn NY

Emily is amazing. I recommend her to all of my friends...and most of my friends play rugby, so we all need a lot of adjustment! She does positional therapy, which I had never done before. After our session, I felt more comfortable in my body then I ever had. She is so skilled and I can't wait to go back.

Amanda Leinberger, Brooklyn NY

Emily is a focused, articulate and compassionate healer. She not only relieved my back pain but gave me resources to address future problems. Highly recommended.

Pat Humphries, Emma's Revolution, Oakland, CA

Emily your hands are magical! Thanks so much for turning me into a mush. I'm still floaty. =)

Nedra Jonhson, Singer/Songwriter/Musician, The Bronx NY

Coming from a yoga background but being an avid gym-goer, I'd always wanted to work with a personal trainer but was turned off by the trainers I'd seen at the gym. It took a long time to find someone who understands the place of both yoga and traditional cardio/strength training methods and could offer me a healthy blend of both. Emily was well worth the wait! I look forward to greeting the day with her sunny disposition and genuine love for what she does. Her commitment to her clients' healing and well-being is unmatched.

Michelle Neuringer, Brooklyn NY

Emily, thank you for the fantastic massage and wonderful tips! I feel taller and lighter today! After all those hours studying and writing at the computer, my neck really needed some serious help - and I found it in your hands. As an Italian living in California, I have tried many massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and reflexologist, both in Europe and in the US. You are among my very favorite ones. I am so happy I found you in my brief stay in NYC. I will continue to practice the poses you taught me and to look at your stretching videos. Thank you so much for making me feel better.

Cgiara Logli, California

As a massage therapist, I have often wished for the ability to replicate myself in order to receive the thorough and satisfying bodywork I give others. My first session with Emily felt like that wish came true. Her technique and intuitive awareness provided the comprehensive restoration I needed. She is definitely my local "go-to" bodyworker from now on!

Jessica Egan, LMT, Brooklyn NY

Let's talk about Emily Huber. I've known her since I started massage school back in 04' and we have kept up a wonderful friendship ever since. When we met, we both lived in Harlem and my wife (then my girlfriend) and I would see her for regular massages. We both marveled at not only her technique on the table, but also at her follow up advice post treatment to best maintain the results we had received. As expected of someone who lives their passion, Emily has increased her skill set over the years. Specifically she has added Thai Massage (which she learned in Thailand), Positional Therapy, Personal Training, and Yoga Instruction, to name a few.  I receive a 2 hour massage with Positional Therapy from her every 2 weeks, and it's been life changing for me during a year where I've been starting over in many ways.

Why speak on someone who offers similar services to me?

  • My schedule is typically nuts and I want to make sure you all get the very best massage and personal training that you can get whether you are able to book with me or not.

  • I am not a yoga instructor

  • Some of you or those you know don't want to receive massage from a male.

  • I many not be geographically convenient to all those on my list.


So, if you fit any of those categories, reach out to Emily . She has my highest recommendation

James Nicholson at Evolved- Fitness, NYC

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