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sliding scale

Body Brain Balance offers a sliding scale so that those who are unable to afford my services, can still access them. Below is a list of services and the sliding scale for each. 

therapeutic bodywork

individual session
60 min
90 min
120 min
$70- $85
$150- $165
couple sessions
60 min
90 min
120 min
semi-private, and private neurosculpting®, yoga, personal training, and brain gym
60 min
private or semi private
1-8 people
90 min
120 min
$150- $160
group classes
60-minute group neurosculpting®, meditation, yoga, brain gym
90-minute neurosculpting®, meditation, yoga, brain gym
120-minute neurosculpting®, Meditation, Yoga, brain gym 

wellness coaching

wellness coaching
60 min
90 min
120 min
$60 - $70
$130- $140

how do you know where you fall on the scale?

Some folks have a hard time deciding where they might fall on a sliding scale. It has been helpful to me to think of it in terms of hardship vs sacrifice. Here is a very useful comparison (and corresponding image) borrowed from Worts and Cunning Apothocary in Sacramento, CA:
  • Sacrifice:  If paying for a service would be difficult, but not detrimental, it qualifies as a sacrifice. You might have to cut back on other spending in your life (such as going out to dinner, buying coffee, or a new outfit), but this will not have a long term harmful impact on your life. It is a sacred sacrifice in order to pursue something you are called to do. 
  • Hardship: If, however, paying for a class, product, or service would lead to a harmful impact on your life, such as not being able to put food on the table, pay rent, or pay for your transportation to get to work, then you are dealing with hardship. 
If you would like an in depth explanation, please visit this thoughtful blog post by Alexis J Cunningfolk at
Use this graphic to help identify where you fall on the sliding scale
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