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your body, mind, and spirit

NeuroSculpting® Therapeutic Massage, Positional Therapy, Reiki, Energy Work, Meditation, Pranayama Breathwork, Yoga, Personal Training, and Wellness Coaching
at body brain balance

"Neurosculpting with Emily is a gentle and easy invitation to a practice that helps support positive and long-lasting change in mindset and breaking out of patterns that aren't effective. Emily's suggestions during meditation allowed me to follow my mind's patterning and re-evaluate what I thought to be true. I appreciate the way that Neurosculpting encourages wholeness and integration."

Rev. DiAnna Ritola
Interfaith Minister, Spiritual & Relationship Counselor, Queens NY
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My approach to body brain balance is a holistic confluence of Eastern and Western practices, embodying the philosophy that self-care is healthcare. The Western therapeutic healing methods treat acute and chronic issues, while the Eastern healing methods work for healthcare maintenance, and injury and illness prevention. 
Here are some modalities I offer:
NeuroSculpting® Therapeutic Massage, Positional Therapy, Reiki and Energy Work, Pranayama Breath Work, Meditation, Yoga, Personal Training, Wellness Coaching. As your practitioner, I am committed to finding the balance of modalities that’s right for you, in order to create an individual practice you can maintain and enjoy.
By working together regularly we can create space and connection in the body, mind and spirit, inviting more breath to circulate, and more energy to flow. The more energy and space and connection we have in our bodies and minds, the better we can perform our jobs, and the more we can offer our families and communities. We are able to live more vibrant lives when our bodies and minds are functioning at their full potential.
For more information about what to expect, please explore this site to review my services and prices. As always please contact me directly if you want to talk about your specific needs, or if you have any questions.

In peace and gratitude,

Emily Huber

Emily Huber, CNSF LMT, RYT, CPT

body brain balance llc 
Certified NeuroSculpting® Facilitator
Michigan State Licensed Massage Therapist 
New York State Licensed Massage Therapist
Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
Reiki Master
Registered Yoga Teacher
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Master Life Coach and Wellness Coach
Graduate of the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences
Graduate of the IM Healing Arts School

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